Assembly Point Signs

AP13: Fire assembly point sign

This section features all of the standard assembly point signs that we offer, suitable for most types of premises.

The assembly point signs that display numbers or letters can display upto 3 characters depending on the format and are ideal for establishments with multiple assembly points such as schools, colleges and hospitals.

Screw holes can be added to your assembly points free of charge on request. Pole-mounted signs can also be supplied.

We also produce bespoke assembly point signs, so, if you can’t find the signs you require please contact us.

We are currently reducing the stock levels we hold and as such, some of the assembly point signs listed below are available at heavily discounted prices at the moment.

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In the event of a fire or emergency it is vital to inform staff and visitors where to assemble so that you can ensure all occupants of the premises have been accounted for.

The gallery below shows our range of corner-clipped assembly point sign formats available, printed on a per order basis:

As a guide, the list prices of our most popular assembly point signs are as follows:

300x100mm on self adhesive vinyl = £1.26 each (excl. VAT)

300x100mm on 1mm rigid plastic = £2.02 each (excl. VAT)

400x300mm on self adhesive vinyl = £3.02 each (excl. VAT)

400x300mm on 1mm rigid plastic = £5.21 each (excl. VAT)

Bulk discounts are available so please get in touch with your signage requirements and we will be able to quote accordingly. If you can’t see an assembly point sign that is suited to your environment, just let us know what you require, so we can locate it or produce a custom sign.

Assembly Point Signs For Schools
Most schools opt for one of our numerical or alphabetical style assembly point signs, usually 1-6 in primary schools and 7-13 in secondary schools to represent school years. But, we are often asked if we can print a combination of numbers and letters to represent individual form groups within each school year e.g. 7F or 8JS. The answer is yes, and ordinarily, at no additional cost. If this is something you would like to consider simply let us know which number/letter combinations you require and the sign part number and we will be able to confirm whether an additional charge would be necessary or not.