Health & Safety Signs from TCOB Ltd

Health & Safety Signs

Our sign shop offers the most popular signage categories and the most common signs with a choice of formats and materials. The signs in the catalogue are from a solitary range though and don’t represent all we can offer by any stretch. Internally we refer to the signs listed as the “budget-range” as they are so competitively priced. There is nothing cheap about them though. They are unbranded and produced to a high-quality standard on high-quality materials which compare favourably with branded products sold elsewhere for upto 10x the price.



If you require just a sign or two then our online store is the perfect option for purchasing your signs from us. If, however you require many signs, either in one go or across the year, then please contact us directly so we can assess your requirements and give you the best discounts and pricing possible. There may be reasons you choose to purchase your signs elsewhere, but pricing should never be one of them.



The “budget-range” signs largely are supplied with the corners clipped, removing the sharp pointy corners, but if your preference is to have the signs supplied un-clipped we can do that also. If style and image is important to you, we can supply more prestigious signs such as clear acryllic mounted proud of the wall.


We sell more signs to schools and colleges than any other sector. If you are purchasing signs on behalf of a school, college or university then we will gladly accept an official purchase order via email or post. For large site and full building projects we work to separate pricing models with consideration for one-off projects and repeat requirements.