Sign HY78: Use Knives Safely Notice

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The text on this hygiene sign reads:
Use knives safely
Always select the right knife for the task.
Keep knives sharp and ensure handles are in good condition.
Always use a firm grip and try to use even pressure for cutting.
Cut downwards and away from the body.
Enusre tables and cutting blocks are clean and stable.
Knives must be stored in their protective sheaths or racks.
Work space should be sufficient so that a person using a knife is not in danger of being bumped by another person, or placing another person at risk.
Do not:
Attempt to catch a falling knife.
Walk around with a knife in your hand.
Leave knives lying around on worktops or tables.
Place knives uncovered in cupboards or drawers.
Leave knives in washing up water

Caution. Disciplinary action will be taken against anyone found in breach of these Safe Working Procedures.

This sign is available in a choice of sizes:
Portrait – 200mm x 300mm
Portrait – 300mm x 400mm

Material options available for this sign are:
1mm Rigid Plastic, Self Adhesive Vinyl.

Custom kitchen hygiene signs to your own design and dimensions are possible.
Screw holes can be added to plastic signs free of charge on request.

Bulk discounts and trade/credit accounts available. Call us on 0118 979 4110 or email to discuss your signage requirements.

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1mm Rigid Plastic, Self Adhesive Vinyl