Sign FA31: Nursing Home Fire Action Notice

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The signs are supplied with the boxes blank and can easily be completed with a marker pen or labels overlaid. White text on a blue and red background, sign reads: The person discovering a fire wil: Operate the nearest fire alarm. (The fire brigade is to be called immediately) On hearing the fire alarm by night: Put on dressing gown and house shoes. Do not stop to dress fully. Ensure that others in your room are awake. Go to the place of assembly, shutting all doors behind you. By day: Go at once to the place of assembly. At all times ACT QUIETLY. Do not stop to collect your personal belongings. Do not attempt to pass others on your way to the place of assembly. The place of assembly is:______

Nursing Home Fire Action Sign is available in several sizes: 200mm x 300mm.

Material options available for this sign are: 1mm Rigid Plastic, Self Adhesive Vinyl.

Screw holes can be added to plastic signs free of charge on request.