First Aid Signs

First Aid Signs

Identify your first aiders and where first aid facilities and supplies are located with this range of signage. Our first aid signs are available in a choice of formats, sizes and materials. Custom designs and sizes can also be produced if required, and if you need the signs to be supplied with screw-holes, at no additional cost, just write a note in the shopping cart.

Click on an image to see all the size options for a particular sign and to order online. As a guide, at the bottom of the page is a pricing summary which shows our standard first aid sign list prices. Discounts are applied in the checkout to all orders over £25 (5%), £50 (7.5%), and £75 (10%). If your order is likely to exceed £100 we recommend contacting us before ordering, as we maybe able to discount further.

First Aider Signs

Sign FI20: First Aider List
Sign FI20
Sign FI22: First Aider Identification
Sign FI22
Sign FI26: The nearest first aid box is situated
Sign FI26
Sign FI28: First Aider Identification & Location
Sign FI28
Sign FI35: First Aid Instructions
Sign FI35

First Aid Room & Equipment Signs

Sign FI37: First Aid Cross
Sign FI37
Sign FI1: First Aid
Sign FI1
Sign FI5: First Aid Box
Sign FI5
Sign FI16: First Aid Room
Sign FI16
Sign FI3: Medical Aid
Sign FI3
Sign FI18: First Aid Station
Sign FI18
Sign FI9: Stretcher
Sign FI9
Sign FI7: First aid post
Sign FI7
Sign FI15: Medical Department
Sign FI15
Sign FI11: Emergency Equipment
Sign FI11
Sign FI12: Breathing Apparatus
Sign FI12

First Aid Instruction Signs

Sign FI23: Emergency Resuscitation Instructions
Sign FI23
Sign FI24: Burns & Scalds Instructions
Sign FI24
Sign FI25: Knife Injuries Instructions
Sign FI25

Pricing Guide For Standard Signs

This pricing guide represents a cross-section of the most popular first aid sign formats and sizes available. Not all signs are available in all sizes. Discounts are applied in the checkout to all orders over £25 (5%), £50 (7.5%), and £75 (10%). If your order is likely to exceed £100 please contact us to receive the best bulk discounts.
Sign DimensionsSign OrientationSign MaterialSign Price £ (excl. VAT)
100mm x 150mmPortraitSelf Adhesive Vinyl£0.70
100mm x 150mmPortrait1mm Rigid Plastic£0.90
150mm x 200mmPortraitSelf Adhesive Vinyl£1.25
150mm x 200mmPortrait1mm Rigid Plastic£1.80
200mm x 300mmPortraitSelf Adhesive Vinyl£1.65
200mm x 300mmPortrait1mm Rigid Plastic£2.70
Sign DimensionsSign OrientationSign MaterialSign Price £ (excl. VAT)
200mm x 150mmLandscapeSelf Adhesive Vinyl£1.25
200mm x 150mmLandscape1mm Rigid Plastic£1.80
300mm x 200mmLandscapeSelf Adhesive Vinyl£1.65
300mm x 200mmLandscape1mm Rigid Plastic£2.70
Sign DimensionsSign OrientationSign MaterialSign Price £ (excl. VAT)
300mm x 100mmPanoramicSelf Adhesive Vinyl£1.25
300mm x 100mmPanoramic1mm Rigid Plastic£1.80
450mm x 150mmPanoramicSelf Adhesive Vinyl£2.90
450mm x 150mmPanoramic1mm Rigid Plastic£4.25

If you need drill holes added to your rigid plastic signs just ask.

This service is offered free of charge.