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Assembly & Refuge Point Signs

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This page details the most popular assembly point signs we supply. We have generic signs for most workplaces, offices, shops and factories, as well as more specific ones for larger organisations such as hospitals and schools. As standard, these signs are available in a mixture of portrait, landscape and panoramic formats with a choice of standard sizes and are available as self adhesive, rigid plastic, photoluminescent, foamex or alupanel signs. Custom sizes and bespoke assembly point signs can also be designed and supplied If none of the standard signage quite matches what you are looking for.

Click on an image to see all the size options for a particular sign and to order online. As a guide, at the bottom of the page is a pricing summary which shows our standard assembly point sign list prices. Discounts are applied in the checkout to all orders over £25 (5%), £50 (7.5%), and £75 (10%). If your order is likely to exceed £100 we recommend contacting us before ordering, as we maybe able to discount further.

Fire Assembly Point Signs

Sign AP13 Fire assembly point
Sign AP13
Sign AP1 Fire assembly point sign
Sign AP1
Sign AP2 Numbered fire assembly point sign
Sign AP2
Sign AP3 Fire assembly point with tick symbol
Sign AP3
Sign AP5 Fire assembly point with letters or numbers
Sign AP5
Sign AP7 Assembly point location
Sign AP7
Sign AP26 Assembly point location
Sign AP26
Sign AP27 Nearest assembly point location
Sign AP27

Emergency Assembly Point Signs

Sign AP8 Emergency assembly point
Sign AP8
Sign AP9 Number / letter emergency assembly point
Sign AP9
Sign AP10 Alphabetical assembly point
Sign AP10
Sign AP18 Numerical or alphabetical assembly point with group symbol
Sign AP18
Sign AP19 Numerical or alphabetical assembly point
Sign AP19
Sign AP20 Fire assembly point with group symbol
Sign AP20

Assembly Point Directional Signs

Sign AP21 Fire assembly point left arrow
Sign AP21
Sign AP22 Fire assembly point right arrow
Sign AP22
Sign AP23 Fire assembly point up arrow
Sign AP23
Sign AP24 Fire assembly point down arrow
Sign AP24

Refuge Point Signs

Sign RP4 Refuge Point Keep Clear – Green / Blue
Sign RP4
Sign RP1 Refuge Area
Sign RP1
Sign RP2 Refuge Point Identification
Sign RP2
Sign RP3 Alphabetical Refuge Point
Sign RP3
Sign RP15 Refuge Area
Sign RP15
Sign RP19 In Case Of Fire Your Refuge Point Is
Sign RP19
Sign FA23 Refuge Action Notice – In The Event Of Fire
Sign FA23
Sign FA24 Refuge Action Including You Are Located Box
Sign FA24

Pricing Guide For Standard Signs

This pricing guide represents a cross-section of the most popular assembly point sign formats and sizes available. Not all signs are available in all sizes. Discounts are applied in the checkout to all orders over £25 (5%), £50 (7.5%), and £75 (10%). If your order is likely to exceed £100 please contact us to receive the best bulk discounts.

Sign DimensionsSign OrientationSign MaterialSign Price £ (excl. VAT)
200mm x 300mmPortraitSelf Adhesive Vinyl£1.65
200mm x 300mmPortrait1mm Rigid Plastic£2.70
300mm x 400mmPortraitSelf Adhesive Vinyl£3.50
300mm x 400mmPortrait1mm Rigid Plastic£5.90
400mm x 600mmPortrait1mm Rigid Plastic£10.95
Sign DimensionsSign OrientationSign MaterialSign Price £ (excl. VAT)
300mm x 200mmLandscapeSelf Adhesive Vinyl£1.65
300mm x 200mmLandscape1mm Rigid Plastic£2.70
400mm x 300mmLandscapeSelf Adhesive Vinyl£3.50
400mm x 300mmLandscape1mm Rigid Plastic£5.90
600mm x 450mmLandscape1mm Rigid Plastic£10.95
Sign DimensionsSign OrientationSign MaterialSign Price £ (excl. VAT)
300mm x 100mmPanoramicSelf Adhesive Vinyl£1.25
300mm x 100mmPanoramic1mm Rigid Plastic£1.80
300mm x 100mmPanoramicPhotoluminescent Plastic£2.45
450mm x 150mmPanoramicSelf Adhesive Vinyl£2.90
450mm x 150mmPanoramic1mm Rigid Plastic£4.25
450mm x 150mmPanoramicPhotoluminescent Plastic£6.95
600mm x 200mmPanoramicSelf Adhesive Vinyl£4.95
600mm x 200mmPanoramic1mm Rigid Plastic£7.35
600mm x 200mmPanoramicPhotoluminescent Plastic£16.95

If you need drill holes added to your rigid plastic signs just ask.

This service is offered free of charge.