Antibacterial Cleaning Products

Since the outbreak of Covid-19 we are being asked more often if we can supply cleaning products, especially antibacterial sanitiser and wipes for hands and surfaces. Whilst we have a local supplier for our own requirements, we have made the decision not to add these products to the portfolio of items we sell. We don’t have the space, resource or in some instance licencing or insurance to sell these products. But more importantly, in these times where every organisation is having to look at costs carefully, we would prefer to put our customers in touch with manufacturers and distributors directly to source the best products at the best pricing possible. We are sticking with what we know best, the provision of quality safety signs, so please take a look at our new range of Covid-19 Signage.

The businesses listed maybe a mixture of suppliers we already have long term relationships with, suppliers recommended by our own customers, or our own research.

Clearwater Hygiene
Edinburgh. Tel: 03338 008 232
You may have read about these guys in the news. They have done a phenomenal job of creating a range of UK manufactured sanitiser products and services since the outbreak of Covid-19. Bulk supplies of sanitiser and dispenser equipment and full serviced options available.

CBD Health Foods Ltd
Wokingham, Berkshire. Tel: 0203 1986 986
Ordinarily involved in the manufacture of CBD products, at the outbreak of Covid-19 they developed an antibacterial hand sanitiser. Being local to us, this is where we purchase our antibac gel in 5 litre jerry cans.

If you are considering making your own alcohol based sanitiser then take a look at the official WHO sanitiser recipe. Isopropyl is readily available but for ethanol based sanitiser, HMRC approval is required if purchasing on an industrial scale.

If your business specialises in anti-bacterial cleaning products and you would like to be included in the above list, and/or explore a partnership that is beneficial to both parties and our respective customers, then please get in touch via our contact form.

Similarly, if you would like to recommend a supplier for inclusion here we would love to hear from you also.